Matheus Ronn

“We live in a passive society where the media spoon-feeds their audience, depriving them from the opportunity to learn from the journey. More and more audiences have been absorbing information without forming a conclusion based on their own perspective about the subject. With such a passive mentality, people who seek only the result, lose the opportunity to learn during the journey and can be easily manipulated by those who did take it. In the detective whodunit “Jury Duty” I want to call the audience to action by turning them into the protagonist of the film and sending them into a journey where they alone have the job to figure out who killed the victim.”

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Shammika Tomar

Max Margolin

Larissa Beck

Alexander Babaev


All photos were taken by Matheus Ronn Leite, Mans Reimer and Max Margolin during the shooting of Jury Duty® Film. (All rights reserved to Matheus Ronn Leite)


All photos were taken by Matheus Ronn Leite, Mans Reimer and Max Margolin during the shooting of Jury Duty® Film. (All rights reserved to Matheus Ronn Leite)


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